Friday, March 16, 2007

major displacement activity

I really must start practising my grovelling, as I can feel a mega session coming on with Sian! No more progress on the C&G front at all.
But, I have made some atc's for a swap I signed up for ages ago, and some postcards ditto. So, I haven't done nothing, but I still feel guilty that its not really what I should have been doing.

these were fun, the theme was flower fabric and beads.

I must really get my stuff together and make something for the textile challenge group March challenge, which is a theme of doors/windows, using fibre, thread, paint and found objects. there are some lovely things already submitted. we decided as a group to give everyone the same theme and the same ingredients, and see how they worked out. like I say, very interesting so far.


Purple Missus said...

For a major displacement activity you've done really well. They're all looking good. Know what you mean about grovelling to Sian though - I've just done the self same thing :))

Barbara said...

lovely colours! spring is coming!!
Grates Barbara

Carol said...

Fab work lovely girl! Are you working a theme for C+G? Which area are you working to also, My hanging is for texture, the doors of my dealy sins is line and my next project, i got the topic of this week is colour - and the theme Cultures? Hope your well lovely.

Dianne said...

These are gorgeous!! Especially that top one, love that!!

P.S. Could you please send me your email address?

Lin Moon said...

That top rose is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing...

il-sooSa said...

I was trying to google KTAA's official website, n found ur blog

I loved it n ur work.

Im a KTAA memebr, but too busy to go to the meetings cuz of my master studies, inshalla this will change soon.

I only managed to attend the open arts day for kids, n it was wonderful i really enjoyed everything, specially meeting wonderful people.

Happy to have spotted this wonderful blog.


Waltraud said...

These card are wonderful!!