Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sanded in!

Well, admit it, it makes a change from snowed in! Kuwait, and quite a lot of the gulf region, has been having a sandstorm for the past 3 days. it is showing signs of clearing, but I remain unconvinced, as its done that once before and come back worse. it's not like a blizzard, with it blowing a gale in your face, but it just sort of hangs in the air. visiblity is not very far at all, sometimes down to feet rather than yards (or even metres!), and breathing becomes interesting! the sand is so fine, that even staying indoors is no guarantee that you will avoid it, as it comes in round the doors and windows, and through the ac vents, and everything is coated in a fine layer of the stuff - a bit like a middle eastern version of Miss Haversham's wedding feast!!!
One advantage of the sand storm has been not feeling guilty about staying in and sewing. The kuwait textile arts association is having their year end exhibition at the end of this month, and while I wasn't too fussed about having anything in it, now that I am to be their next president I felt guilty about my apathy, and decided I needed to get something done. So I have been slaving over a hot sewing machine, and made a self portrait, 18"x18", and a 30"x45" quilted wall hanging, and a bag, and will finish the secret garden piece that I made a few weeks ago for the Textile Challenges group monthly challenge, and about to start a pair of fairy shoes, and maybe a bracelet, if I have the time after I have put hanging sleeves and labels on the backs of all the quilts. I particularly wanted to do some non-quilted pieces, as I'd done the talk on my embroidery, and have had great fun running up the bag, and know I will enjoy the shoes. We are having a bit reveal at the quilt group meeting on Monday 28th, so no piccies til after then, in case anyone here decides to read this. the exhibition runs May 30th til June 2nd, and I will be practically living there! have forewarned dh about this, and he reminded me that we have a party here on the 31st to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. (actual date 27th May) I had not forgotten, it's written in my diary after all, but maybe it was a good thing he mentioned it!


Diana said...

I've seen sandstorms on television and in movies but I can't even imagine what it would be like to actually live through one. Does life just go on or does everything just grind to a halt?

Penny said...

I ran across your blog on Purple missus site and love it, i have an old school friend who when we were all first married, many years ago lived in Kuwait and used to write to me about the sand storms and how the sand even got into her refrigerator.
She now lives in Germany but we now email each other instead of snail mail, went through her having babies in Kuwait,and me having them here in Australia, oh so many things, we are both grandmothers now. Also thank you for the photos of the fabric souk, I would give my eye tetth for some of the beads and beaded ribbon, how wonderful.

Helen Conway said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have an all day class on 19th and a coulel fo session on 18th but will certainly try to look you up. Will you be at a specific stall or something?

Helen Conway said...

Agan, thanks for your message on my blog. If you want to send stuff on arthritis that would be great - my email is I'll look out for you on 18th.