Saturday, September 29, 2007

KTAA first meeting

We finally got the 2007/08 season underway with our first meeting on Tuesday night. It was held at Sadu House, and we had about 50-60 people turn up, plus another 45 or so from another group who were meeting on the same night and came along to see what we were all about. Once I had stopped feeling ill with worry, I really enjoyed myself.

We had plenty of time first for people to look around Sadu house, and for some it was their first visit, and to renew their membership, and then I had to do my bit and welcome everyone. I don't think I managed to insult anyone - haven't been told of any complete cock ups anyway, so fingers crossed I got away with it! Sheika Altaf then did a small talk about how she came to be involved with the start of the KTAA in 1994, when just 6 people got together because they were interested in weaving..... something about little acorns springs to mind here. Once we had got all that out of the way, we got onto the interesting stuff and had a show and tell. I started the ball rolling by showing the little beaded doll brooches I'd got at the quilt festival in Birmingham made by the South African children whose parent(s) had died from Aids. We had jackets from south China, a throw from Peru, a hand embroidered table cloth, a mirror cover from Uzbekistan, a drape to cover bed linen also from Uzbekistan, both very old pieces, a rug from Morocco, a couple of quilts, and a painted wall hanging from India. I'm sure there were more, but my mind has gone blank - I don't think there were any cuddly toys or microwaves! And crawling all over the place, were the ubiquitous press photographers that come to all manner of events in kuwait. every time I looked up there was another telephoto lense up my left nostril! So no surprises for guessing that a couple of days later we were in the paper. And again today. Hey ho, no peace for the wicked!!
Just in case Sian is reading this, I have been slowly progressing with some course work, doing some weaving samples, and rubbings from them, and about to start playing with colour studies. that should get me off the hook for a couple of minutes anyway! I actually spent this afternoon making a couple of pieces of quilting. Our quilt group here has gone back to basics as we have a lot of new members, and we have been given a Kaleidoscope pattern to make up.

I also had a go at the disappearing nine patch as demonstrated by Helen on her blog a couple of months ago.
It is so much fun to do, and looks far more complicated than it is, which is always good value.

tomorrow is our Monday equivalent, so back to work, and for me that is a trip to the fabric souk with some new members tomorrow morning, and then out to the British Business Forum introduction to Kuwait evening at the Hilton resort. should be fun.


freckles in the desert said...

i have been looking all over kuwait for a store that sells patterns. i would like to sew some clothes and costumes, but can't find patterns. i've found lots of fabrics that are beautiful. might you know where i can find some patterns?

clevelandgirlie said...

Hello English Rose! What colorful and lovel little blocks you have created here. What are you going to do with them? And your pictures -- wow - what a wonderful excursion you must have had. Finally, I'd like to comment on the little doll brooches - what special little treasures they are. Thanks for visiting with me on my blog, too. The "recipient" of the heart quilt is my little 12 year old daughter. She is so happy it's finally done -- she sees none of its (many!) flaws!
Have a wonderful day. I'll be back again soon!

Jessica said...

Hello from Boston~
I have been doing internet research on Kuwait for work, came across your blog and immediatel started reading intently. I'm a quilter (your blocks look nice, btw) but have been asked to research Kuwait before my supervisors take a business trip there this spring/summer. I suppose I just wanted to say hello and thanks for your informative posts (especially the insite into day to day life during Ramadan..)

Best regards,