Friday, February 20, 2009

new year, new start part 2

If you are still with me, there's more....

these four are rubbings on black cartridge paper with white crayon over wire rubbing forms.

this is crepe bandage kuwaiti style.

torn paper strips woven in the pattern of the roofing mats.

expandaprint rubbed with metalic wax after heating, and the last one is embossing powder.

there are lots more, but I don't want Sian and you to lose the will to live! hopefully there will not be too many gaps to fill in before I can move on to shape and colour in the next few days.


Stephanie M said...

Great Sara - good to see your work. Great stuff ....

lelieve said...

Nice work sarah. Will be following your blog. I am myself starting on the texture chapter.
Bye for now,