Sunday, January 21, 2007

I hate to admit that I still haven't started my C&G coursework, but I have been working on some trading cards I need to get out, and finishing up some fibre postcards ditto. I have also been leading a textile group here in kuwait.
I did tidy my studio space, which was the first thing on my to do list, ready to start coursework. Now if they could just offer a course in displacement activities, I would be a straight A honour student!!!
dh has kindly taken some piccies of the studio, although he said they are cheating because it is NEVER normally this tidy, and I'm giving you all a completely false impression of how I work - or not, as the case may be! anyway, here's a couple for you. Its down in the basement, with a door out to a patio where my daughter has a mini pool in the summ
er. big windows so plenty of natural light, and water outside not in, which is usually ok.

the pin boards in the background are fibre postcards from art2mail and fiberartists international the cupboards underneath are full of fabric scrap bags, the dresser on the right has boxes of threads, books, stash, and assorted stuff.
and this last one is, of course, the artist at work.
Out this evening to a KTAA meeting, a talk on the textiles and costumes of Oman, which should be really good, if others I have been to are anything to go by.
Tomorrow, I start C&G, promise....


Purple Missus said...

I too find that its hard to get much of the C&G stuff done with so much else going on: blogging, swapping, yahoo groups etc. Problem is its these things which keep me motivated! Lovely big room you have there Sara, lucky you.

Helen Conway said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I found the Kuba cloths at but if you google kuba cloth there are loads of sites with pictures. I too find I am last minute with C&G work - I spend ages just sticking it all on card to go in the file - do you still have to present it in a certain way if you do it my distance?