Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A start

Well, I've finally taken the plunge and started a blog to help record my progress, or lack of, through my C&G diploma course. I've never done a distance learning course before, so not sure how I will cope with the lack of classroom contact. I have found a wonderful yahoo group of like minded souls, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/City_and_Guilds_Textiles/ and I really think that they might provide the regular kicks up the backside I will need, as well as all the good stuff, cos they seem a great group of people.
Sian Martin, my tutor for the course has already proved to be wonderfully efficient at helping me get sorted out, and very supportive.
support at home here in kuwait is good. dh has absolutely no idea what I will be doing, bless him. When we moved out here I said I would want to bring all my sewing stuff, he imagined a work box, and visibly paled when he saw my workroom and the amount of stuff there was! But he is all for me doing the course, even though he doesn't get it. my darling daughter, 8 going on 18, just wants to join in all the time, which is great but.... hugely distracting, and she usually cuts a bit of fabric out of the middle rather than the edge, and uses the yarns I had put aside for a specific project, and, well, you know what I mean I am sure. I love it when she wants to have a go, but know that I may as well put my work away for the duration!
shopping here is also good, in parts. Fabrics and threads and notions in the souks are amazing and very cheap, which is fantastic, but you have to buy when you see (shame!) or you will forget which shop you saw something in, or it will be gone when you go back. Sometimes though, there is too much choice, so you have to be quite specific about what you are looking for, as it would be sooo easy to be sidetracked by all the other lovely things. I am not sure yet about mixed media type stuff, gels and powders and the like, as that has by and large not get here yet. Dyes may be alright, but not necessarily ones that I recognise the name of, and usually with instructions in a foreign language! Hmm! Watch this space, as they say!
That's it for today, I shall try and get some photos loaded in the next few days of my sudio and my C&G certificate work, and whatever else I can find so that you can see what sort of work I have done previously, and probably how totally disorganised I am.


Purple Missus said...

Hi Sara - just found you! So excited I'm the very first person to comment on your blog. Only wish I could think of something really witty and memorable to say...Oh well!
Welcome to 'blogland' anyway - very time consuming but good fun. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. All the best. Lynda

Helen Cowans said...


Good luck with the C&G course.

Your daughter may get bored after a while Or get better at cutting the fabric on the edge.... :) My little boy (6yr) has never known anthing else as I started my C&G when he was 1yr. He now gives me his opinion and seal of approval :)

I envy your shopping opportunities at the souks. Lucky you. Helen

Fran├žoise said...

Welcome to Blogland!