Sunday, March 15, 2009

more C&G texture for Sian

I promised this last week, but my computer would not talk to my camera for some reason, so in frustration I separated them and made them sit on the naughty stair for a while. Hopefully they have now decided to cooperate...

these were all done on a sunny day out in the garden, and I made up a small pot of grout/plaster to see what I could do with it. honestly, I didn't really enjoy it, but there were a couple of good results.

this is plaster spread over scrunched up tissue paper - like this one.

this is plaster spread over a piece of card and then drawn into following the photo of the roofing in the ruined house.

a layer of plaster on a piece of calico, a second piece laid on top and then removed,

and that second piece of fabric.

plaster over bandage

plaster over netting over scrunched tissue paper.

I also had a go at weaving the roofing matting pattern, which is over 3, under 3, each row offset by one.

in paper first,

then in thread - sorry about the red, but I wasn't thinking.

then a rubbing of the weaving.

sorry about the pictures being the wrong way up, but I'm just glad they are on the screen, never mind right way up!! fortunately, as it's only texture, it is still easy to read. and I am going to finish now whilst I can still get out of here.


Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Sarah, I love the work/texture created with plaster. I could study for hours! Sharon

AdeleSews said...

I love it, did you do rubbings from the plaster also?